Waiting for 9.6 – Add simple VACUUM progress reporting.

On 15th of March, Robert Haas committed patch:

Add simple VACUUM progress reporting. 
There's a lot more that could be done here yet - in particular, this
reports only very coarse-grained information about the index vacuuming
phase - but even as it stands, the new pg_stat_progress_vacuum can
tell you quite a bit about what a long-running vacuum is actually
Amit Langote and Robert Haas, based on earlier work by Vinayak Pokale
and Rahila Syed.

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Waiting for 9.2 – temporary file stats per database

On 26th of January, Magnus Hagander committed patch:

Add counters for number and size of temporary files used
for spill-to-disk queries for each database to the
pg_stat_database view.
Tomas Vondra, review by Magnus Hagander

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Change in anonymization of plans on explain.depesz.com

As you perhaps know, explain.depesz.com has anonymization feature.

Couple of days ago Filip contacted me and sent a patch that stopped anonymization of typecasts.

I thought about the patch, and what it achieves, changed it's internals, but kept the effect. And today, it got released.

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Waiting for 9.1 – stats reset tracking

On 10th of February, Magnus Hagander committed patch:

Track last time for statistics reset on databases and bgwriter
Tracks one counter for each database, which is reset whenever
the statistics for any individual object inside the database is
reset, and one counter for the background writer.
Tomas Vondra, reviewed by Greg Smith

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explain.depesz.com – stats after a year

I just checked, and apparently explain.depesz.com is online for over a year now. First plans was added on 2008-12-04 13:20:43+01.

Since then there have been 3602 plans added, 770 of them were set to be private (not displayed on previous explains page.

Longest plan has 2267194 characters (yes, 2.2 megabytes of explain analyze output!), but it's not public, so I can't tell you the url. Longest public plan is this monstrosity, which (while being only explain output, not explain analyze) has 503585 characters.

During this time, there have been 61 days that nobody added any plan on (perhaps problems with software?).

The most heavily used day was 23rd of June 2009, when 71 new plans have been added (4 private).

Thank you all for using it. I hope you find it useful, and I promise, that one day, I will finally sit down, and add all long-due features (like work with new explain formats, fixing some output glitches, stats of used objects per plan).

If you'd like to take a peek at how it works – source of explain.depesz.com is always available.

Waiting for 8.4 – pg_stat_statements

On 4th of January, Tom Lane committed patch by Takahiro Itagaki, which adds new contrib module – pg_stat_statements:

Log Message:
Add contrib/pg_stat_statements for server-wide tracking of statement execution
Takahiro Itagaki

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