Waiting for 9.2 – temporary file stats per database

On 26th of January, Magnus Hagander committed patch:

Add counters for number and size of temporary files used
for spill-to-disk queries for each database to the
pg_stat_database view.
Tomas Vondra, review by Magnus Hagander

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How to remove backups?

Question from title sounds weird to you? It's just a ‘rm backup_filename'? Well. I really wish it was so simple in some cases.

One of the servers I'm looking into, there is interesting situation:

  • quite busy database server (2k tps is the low point of the day)
  • very beefy hardware
  • daily backups, each sized at about 100GB
  • backups stored on ext3 filesystem with default options
  • before launching daily backup, script removes oldest backup (we keep 3 days of backups on this machine)

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dell powervault md1000 – storage test

i recently got new toy for tests – brand new dell powervault md1000.

what's this, you ask? basically – a rather nice das (direct attached storage) from dell.

the box i got had 15 sas discs, each disc being 72gb, 15krpm.

since this will be used as database storage, i wanted to make some performance tests.

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