New SQL pretty printer – based on parsing, and not regexps

For a long time I was looking for SQL pretty printer.

Some queries that I had to deal with, over the years, were just insane to read, like this:

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Better scrolling of long explain plans on

Thanks to some discussion on Slack, and work by Alexandre Felipe viewing of large explains will be now a bit easier.

You can see it, for example, in this explain.

First of all, when you scroll down, the column headers stay in place. Plus – you can always see the horizontal scrollbar to see the rest for really long node descriptions.

Thanks a lot, I appreciate the work. – now with HINTS!

I just pushed change to that allows for processing and displaying hints for plans.

For example, take a look at this plan, and check if you'll notice subtle “HINTS" tab.

In there you will see example hints – one about sort and memory, and the other about missing index.

It is not much, but it's a step in (hopefully) right direction, when the explain tool will also provide, automatically, some ideas on what to do to make the thing faster.

Hope you'll find it useful.

New changes on – fixed calculations of exclusive times

When you see plan on, one of the columns visible is exclusive.

In principle it's simple – take time of current node, subtract times of all sub nodes, and you get how much time was spent in this node alone.

Reality is not that simple. Two things especially make the calculations complicated. CTEs, and InitPlans.

Now, with the just pushed change to Pg::Explain (plan parsing library), and site itself, some of the bad calculations are gone.

Let's see some examples:

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Display “settings” from plans on

Some time ago I wrote about new options for explains – one that prints settings that were modified from default.

This looks like this:

Aggregate  (cost=35.36..35.37 rows=1 width=8)
  ->  Index Only Scan using pg_class_oid_index on pg_class  (cost=0.27..34.29 rows=429 width=0)
Settings: enable_seqscan = 'off'

Finally, today, I pushed a change that displays them on To make it more usable, it will also provide links to documentation about each such options.

For example, check this plan.

Hope you'll find it useful.

Buffers I/O information on

I just released first version of change to that displays buffer I/O information, as described recently.

You can see it in here.

There are two new columns in there, showing how much data given node read from disk, and how much it wrote.

It's definitely not 100% OK now, as you can see, speed and time is not always there, but generally it should work.

There is also summarized info in stats page of the explain.

If you'd notice anything wrong, please let me know, either by mail, or just make an issue on GitLab.

Many changes on

Some time ago Eugen Konkov mailed me that he'd like to have some changes on

One of the changes was actual bug, but the rest were improvements to functionality.

I kinda didn't want to do it, but when I looked closer it appeared to me that there are some subtle bugs, and when I'll be fixing them, I can add some of the things Eugen requested:

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