explain.depesz.com – now with HINTS!

I just pushed change to explain.depesz.com that allows for processing and displaying hints for plans.

For example, take a look at this plan, and check if you'll notice subtle “HINTS" tab.

In there you will see example hints – one about sort and memory, and the other about missing index.

It is not much, but it's a step in (hopefully) right direction, when the explain tool will also provide, automatically, some ideas on what to do to make the thing faster.

Hope you'll find it useful.

Waiting for 9.2 – Stacked Diagnostics in PL/pgSQL

On 18th of July, Tom Lane committed patch:

Add GET STACKED DIAGNOSTICS plpgsql command to retrieve exception info.
This is more SQL-spec-compliant, more easily extensible, and better
performing than the old method of inventing special variables.
Pavel Stehule, reviewed by Shigeru Hanada and David Wheeler

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