PGDayPL is coming :)

Following is text provided by organizers. On my end I can say that I'll be there, and I'm on “Talk selection team" 🙂

The first ever Polish PostgreSQL conference is approaching faster than we think.

On April 22, 2022, we invite you to spend the whole day gaining top technical knowledge and broadening your horizons. PGDayPL 2022 is a great gaining opportunity to talk to the amazing speakers and spend time in the accompaniment of what we are most passionate about.

The conference is held at the POLIN Conference Center in Warsaw's Muranów.

What can you expect?

  • fantastic lectures where you will gain technical knowledge – in both Polish and English!
  • panels led by people with a passion for PostgreSQL and IT
  • gifts for all conference attendees and additional bonuses for our speakers
  • delicious catering for guests
  • integration meeting after a successful conference

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A way to share SQL queries –

Long time ago I wrote first version of Since then I gradually improve it. But, what was lacking was a way to paste queries too – handles explains, but not plain queries.

Now this has changed. I created new site: which allows for sharing queries.

Thanks to pgFormatter it also does query pretty-printing (which is not something readily available on other paste sites).

Obviously, code to the site is publicly available in GitHub repo.

Now, goes my request – if you have designer skills, I would greatly appreciate someone that could make the site nicer (prettier, more responsive). My CSS/JS knowledge is pretty limited, and I'm happy anyway about what I did with the look right now, but if you could make it nicer/prettier, that would be amazing.

Have fun, and if you have any feature requests, please post them in here…

Changes on

One of the features that is actually disliked is anonymization. But, regardless of the dislike – it has some users. And one of the user mailed me with information about a bug – namely – foreign table file names were not anonymized.

So, I wrote a patch, tests, released new version of underlying parsing library.

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OmniPITR 1.0.0 released

Finally, after all these years, version 1.0.0 of OmniPITR got Released.

The reason I went to 1.0.0, and not 0.8.0 is very simple – finally, all programs in bin/ actually work 🙂

By that I mean: since beginning there was “omnipitr-monitor" – which simply didn't work, because work on it was always postponed. But now, it does. It's functionality is not all that great now, but it works, checks some basic data about replication, and can be used in production.

Now, there is still a todo but these things are less important.

I have to say that writing, and maintaining OmniPITR taught me a lot about PostgreSQL – how it works, and what really WAL is. It was really cool.