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One of the features that is actually disliked is anonymization. But, regardless of the dislike – it has some users. And one of the user mailed me with information about a bug – namely – foreign table file names were not anonymized.

So, I wrote a patch, tests, released new version of underlying parsing library.

What does this change do? Let's seem simple explain, without any anonymizations. With older Pg::Explain (0.62), anonymized version looked like this.

As you can see, it didn't hide names of files, names of foreign tables, and actually – it didn't even hide column names in “Output:" lines (that's unrelated, but also got fixed).

Now, with brand new, Pg::Explain 0.63, the same plan is anonymized to this. Better.

As always, when I write about changes on I show some stats. This time will not be different.

As of now (2012-07-08 22:28:08.352988+02), there is 40,967 plans in database. Generally, there is a bit over 60 new plans added daily, with ~ 40% of them being public, and the rest private.

Anonymization is used in ~ 11% of cases, with 2888 plans in database that are anonymized.

And, as a nice touch for end – a chart:

new plans per month chart

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