OmniPITR 1.0.0 released

Finally, after all these years, version 1.0.0 of OmniPITR got Released.

The reason I went to 1.0.0, and not 0.8.0 is very simple – finally, all programs in bin/ actually work 🙂

By that I mean: since beginning there was “omnipitr-monitor" – which simply didn't work, because work on it was always postponed. But now, it does. It's functionality is not all that great now, but it works, checks some basic data about replication, and can be used in production.

Now, there is still a todo but these things are less important.

I have to say that writing, and maintaining OmniPITR taught me a lot about PostgreSQL – how it works, and what really WAL is. It was really cool.