Anonymize CTE names on

A colleague recently let me know that anonymization in doesn't handle CTE names. For example, in plan:

                                            QUERY PLAN                                             
 CTE Scan ON some_name  (cost=0.01..0.03 ROWS=1 width=8) (actual TIME=0.027..0.028 ROWS=1 loops=1)
   CTE some_name
     ->  RESULT  (cost=0.00..0.01 ROWS=1 width=0) (actual TIME=0.023..0.023 ROWS=1 loops=1)
 Planning TIME: 0.217 ms
 Execution TIME: 0.124 ms
(5 ROWS)

“some_name" was kept even if anonymization was turned on.

Now it's fixed, and new code should properly anonymize all CTE names. Of course the change is live on too.

Changes on

One of the features that is actually disliked is anonymization. But, regardless of the dislike – it has some users. And one of the user mailed me with information about a bug – namely – foreign table file names were not anonymized.

So, I wrote a patch, tests, released new version of underlying parsing library.

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Change in anonymization of plans on

As you perhaps know, has anonymization feature.

Couple of days ago Filip contacted me and sent a patch that stopped anonymization of typecasts.

I thought about the patch, and what it achieves, changed it's internals, but kept the effect. And today, it got released.

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