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Did it help? If yes - maybe you can help me?

Long time ago I wrote first version of explain.depesz.com. Since then I gradually improve it. But, what was lacking was a way to paste queries too – explain.depesz.com handles explains, but not plain queries.

Now this has changed. I created new site: paste.depesz.com which allows for sharing queries.

Thanks to pgFormatter it also does query pretty-printing (which is not something readily available on other paste sites).

Obviously, code to the site is publicly available in GitHub repo.

Now, goes my request – if you have designer skills, I would greatly appreciate someone that could make the site nicer (prettier, more responsive). My CSS/JS knowledge is pretty limited, and I'm happy anyway about what I did with the look right now, but if you could make it nicer/prettier, that would be amazing.

Have fun, and if you have any feature requests, please post them in here…

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  2. # metys
    Mar 1, 2017

    like it [v]

  3. # Nathan
    Mar 23, 2017

    Nice work, you should definitely link to it from the explain site though or lots of people won’t know it exists.

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