Buffers I/O information on explain.depesz.com

I just released first version of change to explain.depesz.com that displays buffer I/O information, as described recently.

You can see it in here.

There are two new columns in there, showing how much data given node read from disk, and how much it wrote.

It's definitely not 100% OK now, as you can see, speed and time is not always there, but generally it should work.

There is also summarized info in stats page of the explain.

If you'd notice anything wrong, please let me know, either by mail, or just make an issue on GitLab.

Waiting for 8.5 – buffers info for explain

Today small, but (at least for me) really useful patch. Committed on 15th of December by Robert Haas, and written by Itagaki Takahiro, this patch does:

Log Message:
Add an EXPLAIN (BUFFERS) option to show buffer-usage statistics.
This patch also removes buffer-usage statistics from the track_counts
output, since this (or the global server statistics) is deemed to be a better
interface to this information.
Itagaki Takahiro, reviewed by Euler Taveira de Oliveira.

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