Request for help with Python/Flask – Prośba o pomoc z Pythonem/Flaskiem

( wersja polska poniżej )

I (not-so) recently started to learn Python. To have some playground that I can work on, I decided to write simple website that will let me track scores of a card game that I play with my family – Canasta.

To write it, I chose to use Flask framework, so I learned at the same time both Python and Flask.

Final result (without layout, just functionality) is on github.

If any of you does write Python and/or Flask, I would greatly appreciate all comments. Even the harsh ones. If anything is wrong, or simply not really good – let me know – I'm treating it as a way to learn so all feedback would be good.

Just a word of warning – if you'll decide to look at it – you will be dealing with very bad Python code. Brace yourself.

Niedawno zacząłem uczyć się Pythona. Uczę się najlepiej robiąc coś, więc stwierdziłem, że zrobię prosty site do śledzenia wyników gry w którą gram z rodziną – kanasty.

Zdecydowałem, że użyję Flask'a – dzięki czemu uczyłem się jednocześnie i języka (Python) i frameworka (Flask).

Działająca wersja (bez wyglądu, sama funkcjonalność!) jest na githubie.

Jeśli znasz Pythona i/lub Flaska, byłbym bardzo wdzięczny za przejrzenie tego kodu i skomentowanie. Nawet zbluzganie. Jeśli cokolwiek jest źle, lub nie-za-dobrze, daj mi znać. To (ten soft) to dla mnie metoda na nauczenie się, więc każdy komentarz jest mile widziany.

Słówko ostrzeżenia jedynie: jeśli się zdecydujesz na to spojrzeć, miej świadomość, że to będzie bardzo zły kod w Pythonie. Tragiczny. Bądź gotów.

“Help me” summary / Vacation

This post is scheduled to appear on the web when we will be on our way.

I would like to express big gratitude to all of you who helped me with my plan. As far as I know right now (Monday, 10th of October) Ula still doesn't know about the surprise trip. Which should make for a nice effect on Wednesday on the airport.

Anyway – for those of you curious on where we're going: Maldives, Kuredu Resort/Island. When we'll be back I will probably have some pictures, but not sure about it as neither I nor Ula are big fans on making photos.

I hope it will will work out fine, the place seems nice, even though the weather forecast is not in favor of us. We'll see.

During this time I do not plan to check email, write blogposts (even in case of something big would get committed to PostgreSQL), so if you'd need to contact me for something – well, after 21st I should be back online.

Thanks again for all the help.

“Help me” summary after a month

One month ago, on 20th of June, I posted a plea for help.

During this time, I received $225 in donations (minus PayPal provision).

All of these came from 6 different people, and, what I find a bit amusing, residents of 6 different countries (in alphabetical order):

  • Australia (thanks, mate)
  • France (merci)
  • Netherlands (dank u)
  • Poland (dziękuję)
  • Russia (спасибо)
  • Slovenia (hvala)

I would like to express my deep gratitude for all of you that helped me so far, or at least thought about it.

What mistakes you can avoid when looking for help on IRC?

Today, there was this one person on IRC, which asked question and provided some data. While working on helping him (her?), I noticed some things, that bugged me before in other cases, but this time i decided to write about it – it's kind of rant, and if you (the reader) are the person that I'm basing my example on – please do not feel “punished" – it just so happens, that you exhibited some things that make helping others more difficult than it could be – so: you're not special, although I would really prefer if you were 🙂

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