“Help me” summary / Vacation

This post is scheduled to appear on the web when we will be on our way.

I would like to express big gratitude to all of you who helped me with my plan. As far as I know right now (Monday, 10th of October) Ula still doesn't know about the surprise trip. Which should make for a nice effect on Wednesday on the airport.

Anyway – for those of you curious on where we're going: Maldives, Kuredu Resort/Island. When we'll be back I will probably have some pictures, but not sure about it as neither I nor Ula are big fans on making photos.

I hope it will will work out fine, the place seems nice, even though the weather forecast is not in favor of us. We'll see.

During this time I do not plan to check email, write blogposts (even in case of something big would get committed to PostgreSQL), so if you'd need to contact me for something – well, after 21st I should be back online.

Thanks again for all the help.

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