New functionality on, and some statistics

Some time ago Karl Bartel asked me to add ability to parse plans that were done using “ANALYZE ON, TIMING OFF". Initially I didn't see the point, but he said that allows him to hide parts of the tree, and other columns (aside from actual time) are extracted and presented in more readable way.

OK. Got his point, but was busy. Finally today committed:

Now – plans made using analyze without timing work nicely. In process also fixed display of nodes that never were executed.

And now time for some bragging, a.k.a. statistics:

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“Help me” summary after a month

One month ago, on 20th of June, I posted a plea for help.

During this time, I received $225 in donations (minus PayPal provision).

All of these came from 6 different people, and, what I find a bit amusing, residents of 6 different countries (in alphabetical order):

  • Australia (thanks, mate)
  • France (merci)
  • Netherlands (dank u)
  • Poland (dziękuję)
  • Russia (спасибо)
  • Slovenia (hvala)

I would like to express my deep gratitude for all of you that helped me so far, or at least thought about it.