New functionality on, and some statistics

Some time ago Karl Bartel asked me to add ability to parse plans that were done using “ANALYZE ON, TIMING OFF". Initially I didn't see the point, but he said that allows him to hide parts of the tree, and other columns (aside from actual time) are extracted and presented in more readable way.

OK. Got his point, but was busy. Finally today committed:

Now – plans made using analyze without timing work nicely. In process also fixed display of nodes that never were executed.

And now time for some bragging, a.k.a. statistics:

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I did my part :)

I am enthusiast of Bitcoins. This can be seen in my blog (above each post, in post view page, there is help plea), or on – my most known creation.

Aside from these, I try to talk with various people about it, explain what I can (and learn what I don't know), and generally provide positive (but hopefully not overly intrusive) channel of information.

The thing, though, was that so far I didn't actually use much of the currency. Bought test vpn once, and that's about it.

But recently, I got 0.07 btc donations for my blogposts (thanks to whoever contributed), and since I learned that relatively close to me there is burger bar that accepts payments in bitcoins – decided to spend some of donation money 🙂

Long story short – been today to White Burger with my S.O., and we got ourselves burgers.

The place is relatively nice. In Warsaw/Ursynow. At the time we were there (around 1pm) it was empty. Rather comfortable, though not cozy. But – it's a bar, not a secluded restaurant, so it's ok.

Prices – rather good. Been in couple of other burger bars in Warsaw, and this was below the average (if memory serves right).

Food – taste was great. I think these are in fact best burgers I had in Warsaw. Like them much more than the famous “Burger Bar" on Olkuska. There were two small(ish) issues, though. One – two (out of three) burgers had a bit cold buns. Not a big problem, but still easily fixable. The other problem was that kitchen mixed up sauces in the burgers. My wife got her burger, with bacon, but with my sauce – tabasco with some additions. This could have been much more problematic, but luckily she managed to eat it. The worst part, but easily avoidable, was coffee – if the owner of the place reads it – please check/fix the coffee machine.

Now for the interesting part. Bitcoin payment. It worked. Cashier (very nice, young lady) didn't know what to do when transaction was showed as “unconfirmed" (it was waiting for 6 blockchain confirmations), but since we were eating in the bar, it was not a problem. She seemed genuinely interested on what's going on, and how it works, and, despite not being sure what to do about unconfirmed transaction, provided us with the food without any delay. Thanks a lot.

I think this is definitely a moment to start a company that would take some of the risk involved in BTC and early confirming for faster confirmations in exchange for small fee.

TL;DR: Bought burgers with bitcoins, in White Burger, Warsaw, Poland. Burgers were great (small issues aside). BTC payment took too long, but it can be improved.