New functionality on, and some statistics

Some time ago Karl Bartel asked me to add ability to parse plans that were done using “ANALYZE ON, TIMING OFF". Initially I didn't see the point, but he said that allows him to hide parts of the tree, and other columns (aside from actual time) are extracted and presented in more readable way.

OK. Got his point, but was busy. Finally today committed:

Now – plans made using analyze without timing work nicely. In process also fixed display of nodes that never were executed.

And now time for some bragging, a.k.a. statistics:

  • the site is up for almost 6 and a half year (first plan was added on 2008-12-04 13:20:43+01)
  • up to now, there have been 201,272 (over 200 thousand!) plans added
  • around 26000 of them have been deleted by users (delete functionality was added in March 2013)
  • there are 254 user accounts created
  • since February, in each month, we have daily average of over 200 added plans
  • database is now 480MB
  • ids for plans are added using random string generator, which tries first 2 character string, then (if randomly generated string is already used) 3 character, and so on. Longest ids are currently 5 character long (170 of them). 2 character ids are all used up (3844). 3 character ids range is filled in 55% (133180 ids), so you're actually more likely to get 4 character id now than you are to get 3 character one.
  • based on some quick calculations, I will reach 300,000 plans between August and November next year.
  • based on similar calculations, I will reach 1 million plans around 2025
  • got so far 8 donations, totaling 0.20674982 BTC (which is around $46)

And finally – I don't have any plans on stopping the site 🙂 Hope you all find it useful.

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