Waiting for PostgreSQL 14 – Add unistr function

On 29th of March 2021, Peter Eisentraut committed patch:

Add unistr function
This allows decoding a string with Unicode escape sequences.  It is
similar to Unicode escape strings, but offers some more flexibility.
Author: Pavel Stehule <pavel.stehule@gmail.com>
Reviewed-by: Asif Rehman <asifr.rehman@gmail.com>
Discussion: https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/flat/CAFj8pRA5GnKT+gDVwbVRH2ep451H_myBt+NTz8RkYUARE9+qOQ@mail.gmail.com

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Changes on explain.depesz.com

I just released new version of Pg::Explain Perl library that is handling parsing of plans for explain.depesz.com.

There are quite a lot of changes, but mostly internal, but one thing is pretty interesting – Pg::Explain, and because of this also explain.depesz.com should be able to parse plans with arbitrary values of border, linestyle, format, unicode_border_linestyle, unicode_column_linestyle, and unicode_header_linestyle psql options.

You can see five simple examples already uploaded:
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PostgreSQL + Perl + Unicode == confusion. Why?

Yesterday I had an interesting discussion on irc.

A guy wanted to know why Perl script is causing problems when dealing with Pg
and unicode characters.

The discussion went sideways, I got (a bit) upset, and had to leave anyway, so
I didn't finish it. But it did bother me, as for me the reasons of the problem
seem obvious, yet the person I talked with was very adamant that I have the
whole thing wrong.

So, I figured I'll use my blog to elaborate a bit…

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