Archiwizowane November, 2008

Let's say you're in situation when you have to connect to PostgreSQL, but you have no idea on what password might be set. But some definitely is, as you get this error message: => psql Password: psql: FATAL: password authentication failed for ...

Jakis czas temu pisalem o mojej przygodzie na Wegrzech i "jazdach" z HDI. Dzis inna historyjka/przypowiesc, nt. firmy "Inter Partner Assistance" i BRE Leasing.

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On Thursday, 20th of November, Peter Eisentraut committed his own patch, which adds new command to PostgreSQL: TABLE. While this command doesn't do anything that wasn't available earlier, it's worth mentioning, as it's one of patches that make PostgreSQL compatible with ...

On 19th of November Tom Lane committed patch by Takahiro Itagaki which does: Add auto-explain contrib module for automatic logging of the plans of slow-running queries.

Absolutely great post about designing database schema to contain information about marriages and partnerships with emphasis on changes brought to us by modern day - gay marriages, non-trivial sex/gender identities and polygamy.

Finally, we got very important addons to PostgreSQL, which help with dealing with arrays. It solves a lot of problems, which were usually solved with standard cookbook code, which was in faqs, blog posts and number of examples on irc.

On 3rd of November Andrew Dunstan committed his patch which adds new function to PostgreSQL - suppress_redundant_updates_trigger(). This function is not for using in selects, but it can help you tremendously if your database access matches certain pattern.

In PostgreSQL 8.2, we got "RETURNING" clause in INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE queries. Unfortunately it could not be used as source of rows for anything in sql. insert into table_backup delete from table where ... returning *; Well, it's still not possible, but it is a ...

On 28th of October Tom Lane committed his patch that changes some internals of functions, but it also adds interesting capability.