On 10th of March, Magnus Hagander committed patch: Report pg_hba line number and contents when users fail to log in Instead of just reporting which user failed to log in, log both the line number in the active pg_hba.conf file (which may not ...

On 28th of November Tom Lane committed patch by Dave Page, which adds new capability to system monitoring and logging: Log Message: ----------- Add support for an application_name parameter, which is displayed in pg_stat_activity and recorded in log entries.   Dave Page, reviewed by Andres Freund

Also yesterday, and also Peter Eisentraut, committed patch by Guillaume Smet, which: Add log_line_prefix placeholder %e to contain the current SQL state   Author: Guillaume Smet

On 19th of November Tom Lane committed patch by Takahiro Itagaki which does: Add auto-explain contrib module for automatic logging of the plans of slow-running queries.