Waiting for PostgreSQL 13 – Allow autovacuum to log WAL usage statistics.

On 6th of April 2020, Amit Kapila committed patch:

Allow autovacuum to log WAL usage statistics. 
This commit allows autovacuum to log WAL usage statistics added by commit
Author: Julien Rouhaud
Reviewed-by: Dilip Kumar and Amit Kapila
Discussion: https://postgr.es/m/CAB-hujrP8ZfUkvL5OYETipQwA=e3n7oqHFU=4ZLxWS_Cza3kQQ@mail.gmail.com

Description is pretty obvious, but let's see how it looks.

After enabling autovacuum logs by setting log_autovacuum_min_duration to 0, and triggering autovacuum, I saw in logs:

2020-04-17 14:57:28.762 CEST @ 243260  LOG:  automatic vacuum of table "depesz.public.test": index scans: 1
        pages: 0 removed, 648 remain, 0 skipped due to pins, 0 skipped frozen
        tuples: 51253 removed, 50162 remain, 0 are dead but not yet removable, oldest xmin: 5708
        buffer usage: 2309 hits, 0 misses, 1 dirtied
        avg read rate: 0.000 MB/s, avg write rate: 0.105 MB/s
        system usage: CPU: user: 0.04 s, system: 0.00 s, elapsed: 0.07 s
        WAL usage: 2232 records, 1 full page writes, 441039 bytes

Which is pretty cool. Thanks to all involved.