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On 18th of December, Teodor Sigaev committed patch: Allow to omit boundaries in array subscript Allow to omiy lower or upper or both boundaries in array subscript for selecting slice of array. Author: YUriy Zhuravlev

On 18th of March, Alvaro Herrera committed patch: array_offset() and array_offsets() These functions return the offset position or positions of a value in an array. Author: Pavel Stěhule Reviewed by: Jim Nasby

On 25th of November, Tom Lane committed patch: Support arrays as input to array_agg() and ARRAY(SELECT ...). These cases formerly failed with errors about "could not find array type for data type". Now they yield arrays of the same element type and ...

On 11th of July, Tom Lane committed patch: Add array_remove() and array_replace() functions. master These functions support removing or replacing array element value(s) matching a given search value. Although intended mainly to support a future array-foreign-key feature, they seem useful in their ...

On 18th of February, Alvaro Herrera committed patch: Convert Postgres arrays to Perl arrays on PL/perl input arguments More generally, arrays are turned in Perl array references, and row and composite types are turned into Perl hash references. This is done recursively, ...

Finally, we got very important addons to PostgreSQL, which help with dealing with arrays. It solves a lot of problems, which were usually solved with standard cookbook code, which was in faqs, blog posts and number of examples on irc.

Cezio wrote post about removing elements from arrays in PostgreSQL. Unfortunately his blog engine requires registration before comment, which I don't like, so I decided to comment using my own blogspace.

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Yesterday, Alvaro Herrera committed patch written by Pavel Stehule which adds generate_subscripts(...) function.