why-upgrade updates

Recent change in layout of PG Docs broke my spider for why-upgrade.depesz.com.

Today got some time and decided to bite the bullet.

Fixed spider code, used it to get new changelog, and while I was at it, did couple of slight modifications of the site:

  • display count of all changes that are there in given upgrade path (in section header)
  • fixed a bug that caused empty Security fixes: box to display, even when there are no security fixes.
  • added metainfo page, which shows some stats about why-upgrade “database".

All in all, not big changes, but I hope you'll find it useful.

What is the benefit of upgrading PostgreSQL?

Couple of times, in various places, I was asked: what is the benefit from upgrading to some_version.

So far, I just read release docs, and compiled list of what has changed.

But this is not necessarily simple – consider upgrade from 9.3.2 to 10.2. That's a lot of changes.

So, to be able to answer these questions faster in future, I created a site: Why upgrade PostgreSQL?.

Usage should be simple – pick from which version you want to upgrade, to which version you want to upgrade, and press gives me… button.

Hope you'll find it useful.