What is the benefit of upgrading PostgreSQL?

Couple of times, in various places, I was asked: what is the benefit from upgrading to some_version.

So far, I just read release docs, and compiled list of what has changed.

But this is not necessarily simple – consider upgrade from 9.3.2 to 10.2. That's a lot of changes.

So, to be able to answer these questions faster in future, I created a site: Why upgrade PostgreSQL?.

Usage should be simple – pick from which version you want to upgrade, to which version you want to upgrade, and press gives me… button.

Hope you'll find it useful.

4 thoughts on “What is the benefit of upgrading PostgreSQL?”

  1. The “months/years worth of fixes” seems misleading. Upgrading from 9.4.15 to 9.6.7 says 3 months, ditto for to 10.2, 9.4.15 to 9.5.1 says -637 days! To 9.5.10 gives 0 days, although in reality 9.4.x to 9.5.x is about a year worth’s of development work.

  2. @Joe:

    worth of fixes is calculated based on release dates. if you have any idea how to give better estimates – I’ll gladly hear that.

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