is no more

Some time ago I wrote a site to paste SQL queries with reformatting/pretty-printing using pgFormatter library.

Today, I figured out that I should update the library since it has quite some changes recently, so it would be good to incorporate its fixes to paste site.

Unfortunately – new version is not backward compatible, and I currently have no time to figure out what has changed and how to work around it.

So – until I will have time to work on it, is no longer working. Sorry.

3 thoughts on “ is no more”

  1. Thank you for supporting this amazing and very handy site for several years Depesz!
    I look forward to the site being up soon.

  2. @Aziz:

    thanks for your kind words, but paste was online only for a year (since February 2017)., which is online for many years, still works, and there are no dangers to it being live, as far as I know.

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