What logging has least overhead?

When working with PostgreSQL you generally want to get information about slow queries. The usual approach is to set log_min_duration_statement to some low(ish) value, run your app, and then analyze logs.

But you can log to many places – flat file, flat file on another disk, local syslog, remote syslog. And – perhaps, instead of log_min_duration_statement – just use pg_stat_statements?

Well, I wondered about it, and decided to test.

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What is the overhead of logging?

update at the end of the post!

There obviously is one – after all, logging information has to be more expensive than not logging it. But how big is it? And more importantly, what is the difference between logging to stderr/file, csvlog and syslog? And what about syslog to remote machine?

Let's see.

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