Getting top-N rows per group

Yesterday on irc someone asked:

Hi, how do I get top 5 values from a column group by another column??

From further discussion, I learned that:

total rows in table is 2 million. It'll have unique words of less than 1 million.. (approx count)

I didn't have time yesterday, but decided to write a solution, or two, to the problem.

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How to group messages into chats?

My jabber server had the feature, that it logs all messages that got sent through it.

This is pretty cool, and useful. And now, i got asked to use it to create list of conversations.

What exactly is this? Whenever I send (or receive) something there is record in database with information about which local user, communication type (send/recv), correspondent, when it happened, and what is the body of message.

And based on this, we want to list messages into chats. How?

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