Getting top-N rows per group

Yesterday on irc someone asked:

Hi, how do I get top 5 values from a column group by another column??

From further discussion, I learned that:

total rows in table is 2 million. It'll have unique words of less than 1 million.. (approx count)

I didn't have time yesterday, but decided to write a solution, or two, to the problem.

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How much RAM is PostgreSQL using?

(disclaimer: all the data and examples in here are on Linux – the same data can be probably obtained on other systems too, it's just that I work on Linux and don't know other systems well).

This question pops occasionally in various places – PostgreSQL is using too much memory, why is that, and how can it be mitigated?

Before we can go to “optimizing", we should understand the problem. But do we? Both standard tools – ps and top – lie. How/why? Let's see.

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