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Just pushed some new changes to and it's underlying parsing library.

The changes are:

  • If you upload plan in JSON/YAML/XML format, and then you'll look at “TEXT" tab, you will see explain in text format, generated using data from JSON. This explain had slight error in number formatting (3 decimal digits for estimated costs, while text formats use only 2 decimals). THis was reported by ysch on irc. Example plan
  • Numbers in node details (for example: Filtered, or Buffers info) are now commified to make it easier to read. Example plan
  • Fixed parsing of Planning time in JSON, YAML, and XML formats of explains from PostgreSQL 13. Example plans:
    JSON, YAML, and XML.

Some stats, for curious ones:

  • site is up for over 11 years and 6 months
  • so far there have been 843,215 plans added
  • within last 30 days, there have been 484 new plans added daily, on average
  • there are 1295 registered users, but only 780 of them ever added any plans

Waiting for 9.4 – Include planning time in EXPLAIN ANALYZE output.

On 29th of January, Robert Haas committed patch:

Include planning time in EXPLAIN ANALYZE output.
This doesn't work for prepared queries, but it's not too easy to get
the information in that case and there's some debate as to exactly
what the right thing to measure is, so just do this for now.
Andreas Karlsson, with slight doc changes by me.

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