Calculating backlog of events to handle

Yesterday on my favorite IRC channel fooqux asked interesting question. I took some more questions, and here is problem description: We have a system which, every 5 minutes, takes a number of tasks to be done. Tasks are uniform. Within 5 minutes we can handle at most 100 tasks. Given the history of number of … Continue reading “Calculating backlog of events to handle”

Speeding up dump/restore process

As some of you know, I’ve been working lately for OmniTI company. When doing things for them (PostgreSQL related of course :), I stumbled on very interesting problem. One of our clients is working on PostgreSQL 8.2, and wants to upgrade to 8.3. This is generally trivial – pg_dump, pg_restore/psql, and you’re done. But, this … Continue reading “Speeding up dump/restore process”