Stop the war in Ukraine

Since yesterday my sites (,, and this blog) are no longer available from IPs that are in Russia or Belarus.

I know this is not huge loss for them, but, I think, every single bit counts.

If you'd like to do the same thing for their site/service:

  • You can download free Geoip2Lite database from MaxMind
  • You will need plugin for your webserver that works with it. There is a problem that at some point in time maxmind changed format of the database. To get support for current version in nginx you will need ngx_http_geoip2 module, which requires manual compilation. If you're using other webserver – there should be some plugin available somewhere, google should find it 🙂
  • some simple configuration. In case of my nginx, all I needed to do is:
    load_module modules/;
    geoip2 /etc/nginx/geolite2/GeoLite2-Country.mmdb {
        auto_reload 60m;
        $geoip2_metadata_country_build metadata build_epoch;
        $geoip2_data_country_code default=US source=$remote_addr country iso_code;
        $geoip2_data_country_name country names en;

    in main config, and, in virtual definition:

    if ( $geoip2_data_country_code ~ ^(RU|BY)$ ) {
        rewrite ^.*$ / break;

    inside location / { block

  • and finally – you will need in your root directory (of virtual).

If you'd like to do it, but you'd have problems, reach to me on IRC or Slack and I'll try to help.

9 thoughts on “Stop the war in Ukraine”

  1. As a citizen of Belarus I should say that I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve.
    – Many sites are blocked in Belarus by belarusian government so every technically competent person is already using some kind of proxy or vpn, so if you are trying to prevent people from Belarus using your service it simply won’t work
    – If you are trying to send them a message about your position then posting this message directly on site would be better measure, it would be better heard.
    – If you are requesting for them to revolt and overthrow their government because it supports Russia – it’s hypocritical for citizens of a country that pays Russia dozens billion euro and doesn’t stop doing it.

  2. Heh 🙂 “Anonymous”. Of course.

    Anyway – re: Anonymous from Belarus. What I’m trying to achieve is actually very simple.

    I’m citizen of Poland. Poland was under Russian occupation from 1945 to 1989. In ~ 2000 I was in Moscow doing some work for one of their newspapers. Met there with a guy. Russian. My age. Exceptionally educated.

    And he didn’t seem to understand why people in Poland might have anything against Russia. “But we helped you with Nazis”. That was his point.

    The problem is that the propaganda in Russia brainwashes people. You can look for examples online – young russians cheering their “brave” soldiers. Women telling their husbands to rob as much as they can in Ukraine.

    Some of this, not all of course, is because of lack of information. And lack of other perspective.

    I can’t write in russian enough to convey my point, but at the very least I will not be providing potentially helpful information/tools to people that see no problem with what happened in Bucza and MANY other places.

    Sure. Not everybody in Russia is bad. But the change of government can’t come from outside. So I hope someone will see the “stop the war” page, and maybe it will make this person consider what is really happening. Not much. Definitely not enough. But not nothing.

  3. Damn rapists, murderers and thieves.
    Damn you for collaborating with the Russians.
    We don’t want your presence and you don’t want ours, go to hell.

  4. Hating people because of their nationality? I’ve heard about that before… There is a right word for it. I guess you know this word well.

  5. I fully agree with you, Depesz. The Czech Republic was occupated only 21 years. Unfortunately, some people from Belorussia and some from Russia will be restricted, but Ukraine people are massacred by Russia Army. I have not words how this time is terrible, but I hope so hell is looking for Putin, and I wish freedom for Ukraine people.

  6. Yes, you know the word, Nazists.
    This word represents how the West sees you now.
    There are no words to describe the horror we are witnessing in Ukraine.
    Rapes, cold blooded murders, chemical weapons, should change the name of Red Army to SS.
    Damn be everyone who keeps silent.
    Damn be everyone who collaborate with the Russian SS, including Postgres Pro.
    Why not build Wall between us!

  7. @GloryToUkraine:
    this is not the place for this. My blogpost was ONLY about limiting access. While I understand your side, and am squarely in your corner – your comment makes me close comments in here.

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