explain.depesz.com changes and new stats

Some time ago I was contacted by Adam Smith – he pointed out that subquery names in “Subquery Scan" nodes were not properly anonymized.

Now, they are, which you can see in here:

While working on it, I also added (helpful?) links from node types to my blogposts about reading explain output – Explaining the unexplainable.

And some stats for those that are into these kind of things:

  • Total number of plans added to database: 230,608
  • Number of days it takes (now) to add 10,000 plans: ~ 42 (first 10k plans took 724 days)
  • Average daily added plans (monthly average): ~ 220 plans per day (since February 2015)
  • Estimated time to reach 300,000 plans: 2016-07-14
  • Estimated time to reach 1,000,000 plans: 2024-02-21
  • Received donations: 8 donations, with total of 0.20674982 BTC ( ~ 51 USD )