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Did it help? If yes - maybe you can help me?

On 3rd of October, Andres Freund committed patch:

Without CASCADE, if an extension has an unfullfilled dependency on
another extension, CREATE EXTENSION ERRORs out with "required extension
... is not installed". That is annoying, especially when that dependency
is an implementation detail of the extension, rather than something the
extension's user can make sense of.
In addition to CASCADE this also includes a small set of regression
tests around CREATE EXTENSION.
Author: Petr Jelinek, editorialized by Michael Paquier, Andres Freund
Reviewed-By: Michael Paquier, Andres Freund, Jeff Janes
Discussion: <a class="text" href="/gitweb/?p=postgresql.git;a=object;h=557E0520">557E0520</a>.3040800@2ndquadrant.com

This is pretty cool thing. Currently, in contrib, we don't have all that many extensions with dependencies, but hopefully we'll get more and more of them thanks to PGXN.

One of examples, available in contrib of every Pg, is “earthdistance".

Previously, when I tried to install it, I got error:

$ create extension earthdistance;
ERROR:  required extension "cube" is not installed

Not very problematic, but still – needs manual intervention, or writing installation scripts by manually typing all dependencies, like:

create extension if not exists cube;
create extension if not exists earthdistance;

Now, on 9.6, I can simply:

$ create extension earthdistance cascade;
NOTICE:  installing required extension "cube"

And I'm all set.

Let's see if it will work out with modules from PGXN…

=$ pgxnclient install pg_jobmon

And now, in my test db:

$ create extension pg_jobmon cascade;
NOTICE:  installing required extension "dblink"

Works as advertised. Thanks guys 🙂

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