explain.depesz.com – update, new (great!) feature

I just updated explain.depesz.com – my tool for analysis of explain analyze plans.

New feature is: you can now create accounts.

This allows you to view your previously added plans, change them (add/remove title, make it public/private, anonymize (you can't de-anonymize, though), or even delete).

To register, click on “login" link on the right side of the menu bar, and then fill out the form. The form is very simple – username and password. I do not need mail/gender/birthdate or anything else.

Passwords requirements:

  • minimum one upper case letter
  • minimum one lower case letter
  • minimum one digit
  • minimum one special character
  • you can't use the same character more than 2 times in the password
  • you can't use more than 2 consecutive letters or digits ( “12" or “fg" are acceptable, but you can't use “567" or “mno")
  • you have to change password at least every 7 days
  • you can't reuse password for 8 weeks
  • minimum password length is 15 characters

just kidding. It's your password. I don't care what you'll set it to as long as it's not empty string.

To add some stats to the post, as I always do:

  • there are over 98,000 plans in the database now
  • with current speed, we'll reach 100,000 plans in ~ 9 days
  • since beginning of the year, daily average is over 100 plans added
  • around 25% of new plans get deleted ( I have the stats, as “id" of removed plans stays in db to avoid reusing it )

Hope you'll still use it 🙂

5 thoughts on “explain.depesz.com – update, new (great!) feature”

  1. @PawelS:
    Why would I want captcha?

    Aside from the fact that I hate captchas, and believe that people who use/require them will end up in very special place in hell, there is no reason to make registration more difficult. Or is there?

  2. @Depesz:
    To make sure, that milions of nasty bots won’t use your Explain in their own nasty purposes… 😉

  3. Awesome. This will be really helpful for collaborative debugging. Thank for adding it.

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