Waiting for 9.4 – Add tab completion for \pset in psql.

On 19th of November, Fujii Masao committed patch:

Add tab completion for \pset in psql.
Pavel Stehule, reviewed by Ian Lawrence Barwick

psql, my favorite database client has (at the moment) 16 different formatting related options set by \pset command.

Some of these, have their shortcut versions (\x, \a, \t …), but not all.

Additionally – I think that:

\pset format unaligned

is more readable than


And that doesn't even mention that \a is a toggle, and not setter.

Anyway – this new patch, by Pavel, adds simple, yet very useful thing – tab completion.

Now, instead of typing:

\pset format aligned

I can simply


to get the same thing.

If you think that's just a convenience – sure. It is. But it also saves me some time by avoiding typos. And that's a great thing. Thanks Pavel.

4 thoughts on “Waiting for 9.4 – Add tab completion for \pset in psql.”

  1. It is all these small things which make psql to by far best database client I have used.

  2. Hi,

    is there a good tutorial about psql?
    I’ve always used it sparingly preferring pgAdmin but I probably missed something.

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