Big changes on

Today, I released 2 new versions (new features in 0.5, and then quick bugfix in 0.51) of Pg::Explain Perl library.

This is the base of – the code that does heavy lifting of parsing plans, and providing them in uniform way (object).

There are basically three new features:

  • added filter which lets it parse explain analyze plans from pgAdmin3 (which quotes every line of plan separately)
  • added parsing of non-text plans (XML, JSON, YAML) as generated from new PostgreSQLs
  • added proper support for CTE in explains

So, feel free to test. I would especially like to ask for tests of new formats – I didn't have enough test cases of these, so there are probably some things that are not parsed/shown correctly. If you'd find something like this, I would very appreciate if you could send me the badly parsed plan plus the same plan (i.e. plan of the same query) in text format, so I could see what's wrong, and fix it.