Recently I saw this discussion on LinkedIn.

In there a guy asks whether modifying script while it's executing will change
the way it executes.

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This time the changes do not modify how the website works. But they make it simpler to deploy clone of on your own server.

Thanks to Petr A. Korobeinikov I got full automation for setting test/development/internal clones of the site. What was done previously manually, now can be done very fast using Vagrant or Puppet.

Great stuff, thanks Petr.
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On 15th of December, Heikki Linnakangas committed patch:

Add point < -> polygon distance operator.
Alexander Korotkov, reviewed by Emre Hasegeli.

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On 8th of December, Simon Riggs committed patch:

Add new SCHEMA option to REINDEX and reindexdb.
Sawada Masahiko
Reviewed by Michael Paquier and Fabrízio de Royes Mello

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On 7th of December, Simon Riggs committed patch:

Event Trigger for table_rewrite
Generate a table_rewrite event when ALTER TABLE
attempts to rewrite a table. Provide helper
functions to identify table and reason.
Intended use case is to help assess or to react
to schema changes that might hold exclusive locks
for long periods.
Dimitri Fontaine, triggering an edit by Simon Riggs
Reviewed in detail by Michael Paquier

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The general knowledge is that numerics are slower than integers/float, but offer precision and ranges that are better.

While I understand what is slow, I don't really know how much slower numerics are. So let's test it.

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November 26th, 2014 by depesz | Tags: , | 16 comments »

During my time with PostgreSQL I found some things that I love. I found some things that I hate (very little of them). And some things that I would like to get, but, so far, I don't have them.

Of course, PostgreSQL being Open Source, I could add it myself, if only I would know some (real) C and had necessary skills. Which I don't. But anyway, decided to write my personal wishlist for PostgreSQL – maybe someone will say “hey, that would be cool, and I know how to write it" :)

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On 25th of November, Tom Lane committed patch:

Support arrays as input to array_agg() and ARRAY(SELECT ...).
These cases formerly failed with errors about "could not find array type
for data type".  Now they yield arrays of the same element type and one
higher dimension.
The implementation involves creating functions with API similar to the
existing accumArrayResult() family.  I (tgl) also extended the base family
by adding an initArrayResult() function, which allows callers to avoid
special-casing the zero-inputs case if they just want an empty array as
result.  (Not all do, so the previous calling convention remains valid.)
This allowed simplifying some existing code in xml.c and plperl.c.
Ali Akbar, reviewed by Pavel Stehule, significantly modified by me

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On 11th of November, Fujii Masao committed patch:

Add generate_series(numeric, numeric).
Платон Малюгин
Reviewed by Michael Paquier, Ali Akbar and Marti Raudsepp

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November 22nd, 2014 by depesz | Tags: | No comments »

This is not about PostgreSQL, or programming, or even computers. It's about board game. Be warned.

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