Waiting for …: SQL/JSON is coming back. Hopefully.

This is not the usual Waiting for post, but something should be said.

Back in March/April of 2022 Andrew Dunstan committed a series of patches that added support for lots of really interesting features from SQL/JSON standard.

While I'm not avid user of json in database, I was very, very happy. Wrote couple of blogposts about it.

Then, around six month later they got reverted.

Lately, since last year, actually, these re-appeared again:

  1. Commit by Alvaro Herrera, from March 29th, 2023: SQL/JSON: add standard JSON constructor functions
  2. Commit by Alvaro Herrera, from March 31st, 2023: SQL/JSON: support the IS JSON predicate
  3. Commit by Amit Langote, from July 20th, 2023: Add more SQL/JSON constructor functions
  4. Commit by Amit Langote, from March 21st, 2024: Add SQL/JSON query functions
  5. Commit by Amit Langote, from April 4th, 2024: Add basic JSON_TABLE() functionality

Since they re-appeared I was asked (twice) to write about them in the Waiting for series.

So, I just want to say that while I did notice these changes, and am very happy that they are there, I don't plan on writing Waiting for about them.

The reason is simple: I kinda have the feeling that I already wrote about waiting for them.

What I can say though, is that as soon as PostgreSQL version (be it 17, or any other) will get released with these in there, I will reblog about SQL/JSON, with updated examples, so that this huge functionality, and astounding amount of work by developers and testers, will get as much publicity as it can.

For now: I hope it will make it to Pg 17 release, and even before that I would like to thank everyone involved. By my quick count we have at least nine separate authors, and fifteen reviewers, and this is just across these five commits I mentioned.

THANK YOU – can't wait till I will be able to write about it properly 🙂

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