Every so often someone asks why sorting behaves irrational. Like here: $ select string from test order by string; string ---------- dean deer de luca depesz de vil dyslexia (6 rows) Why aren't "de luca" and "de vil" together?

On 4th of December, Tom Lane committed really cool patch: KNNGIST, otherwise known as order-by-operator support for GIST. This commit represents a rather heavily editorialized version of Teodor's builtin_knngist_itself-0.8.2 and builtin_knngist_proc-0.8.1 patches. I redid the opclass API to add a separate Distance method instead ...

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faber4 on irc asked about how to get ascii-based sorting, while his postgresql was initdb'ed with utf-8 based locale (en_US.UTF-8 to be exact). what can we do about it?