Waiting for 9.5 – Event Trigger for table_rewrite

On 7th of December, Simon Riggs committed patch:

Event Trigger for table_rewrite
Generate a table_rewrite event when ALTER TABLE
attempts to rewrite a table. Provide helper
functions to identify table and reason.
Intended use case is to help assess or to react
to schema changes that might hold exclusive locks
for long periods.
Dimitri Fontaine, triggering an edit by Simon Riggs
Reviewed in detail by Michael Paquier

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Waiting for 9.3 – Event triggers

On 20th of July, Robert Haas committed patch:

Make new event trigger facility actually do something.
Commit 3855968f328918b6cd1401dd11d109d471a54d40 added syntax, pg_dump,
psql support, and documentation, but the triggers didn't actually fire.
With this commit, they now do.  This is still a pretty basic facility
overall because event triggers do not get a whole lot of information
about what the user is trying to do unless you write them in C; and
there's still no option to fire them anywhere except at the very
beginning of the execution sequence, but it's better than nothing,
and a good building block for future work.
Along the way, add a regression test for ALTER LARGE OBJECT, since
testing of event triggers reveals that we haven't got one.
Dimitri Fontaine and Robert Haas

This was preceded (two days earlier) by commit, also by Robert Haas, which stated:

Syntax support and documentation for event triggers.
They don't actually do anything yet; that will get fixed in a
follow-on commit.  But this gets the basic infrastructure in place,
pg_dump and psql support; and documentation for the anticipated
initial feature set.
Dimitri Fontaine, with review and a bunch of additional hacking by me.
Thom Brown extensively reviewed earlier versions of this patch set,
but there's not a whole lot of that code left in this commit, as it
turns out.

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