A tale of making company-wide standard psqlrc

At a company we have literally thousands of Pg servers. The layout is also kinda non-obvious. Each database is named the same, but contains different data. And in front of it all, we have pgbouncers.

After some talk, it was suggested that perhaps we could make psql prompt show which database it is connected to. And perhaps some more information, like backend pid. I thought it will be simple…

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Many changes on explain.depesz.com

Some time ago Eugen Konkov mailed me that he'd like to have some changes on explain.depesz.com.

One of the changes was actual bug, but the rest were improvements to functionality.

I kinda didn't want to do it, but when I looked closer it appeared to me that there are some subtle bugs, and when I'll be fixing them, I can add some of the things Eugen requested:

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