Million explain plans…

Back in 2007 I wrote a simple script to add total time to explain analyze output.

It was very helpful, for me.

Then, around a year later figured that it could be useful for others, so wrote a simple site that got plans, and displayed them with extra info. It didn't look great.

Two years later I figured it would be good to make it look nicer. Asked a friend – Łukasz Lewandowski about it, and together we made new version, that was easier on eyes.

Since then there were no layout changes, just some new functionality: deleting plans, anonymizing/obfuscating them, user accounts, plan stats.

The site seemed to catch. In the first month (December of 2008) there were 391 plans added. Almost exactly 10 years later, in October 2018, we got 394 plans added, on average, each day.

Lately the average daily count of new plans (monthly average) is 400-550.

The best day was 21st of February 2019 where we got 5320 new plans. Most likely due to link to site being posted on some news aggregator or forum.

And, just yesterday, at around 4:30pm UTC, there was millionth plan pasted.

That is amazing and I would like to thank all of you – it really brightens my day when I see that people are using the site, and it (hopefully) helps them.

9 thoughts on “Million explain plans…”

  1. Impressive! I’ve definitely helped increase that number over the years from ~2014 on. I definitely appreciate the work that went into the tool, it made understanding explain plans much easier.

  2. Congratulations on the milestone.

    I’ve used it some times to detect some otherwise unnoticed problems in my plans, great work!

  3. Hello.
    What about suggesting potential improvements in the queries? Like in

  4. @Bling:

    I’ll gladly accept working pull requests in or pg::explain repos.

  5. I’m surprised it’s only ~500 a day! Some people are either much much better at seeing the problems, or just aren’t taking advantage of tools like your site nearly enough. It is a huge help in my work and I’d guess some days I top 10+ submitted myself and 20-60 in a month I expect. Such a great visualization.

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