explain.depesz.com, paste.depesz.com – TOR announcement and some updates

I assume that you're familiar with explain.depesz.com and paste.depesz.com services.

From today they are also available as services in TOR, using respectively: explain4pg4j5wbw.onion and paste4sql64vzyry.onion (of course you need to have TOR Browser or some other way to browse darknet).

Why I did that? Well, I believe that TOR is one of the greatest inventions ever, and I'd like to do something so that it will be less associated with drugs, porn, or other illegal activities. Don't realistically think that there will be many people using TOR to access my Pg-related services, but it is a thing that I could have done, so I did it.

While working on it, I also updated pgFormatter code under paste-site to newest version.

As usual, at the end of updates, couple of stats:

  • total number of plans added to explain.depesz.com: 406,948
  • most plans added per month: 10,904 (in March 2017)
  • users registered on explain.depesz.com: 516
  • explain database size: 1197 MB
  • total number of queries added to paste.depesz.com: 354
  • pastes added per month: 53 (in May) to 110 (in February)