explain.depesz.com – new change and some stats

Quite a long time ago (in October), Oskar Liljeblad reported a bug in anonymization. Namely – group keys were not anonymized.

You can see example of such plan here.

I finally got to it, fixed the bug, pushed new version to live site, and now such plans will be correctly anonymized.

Thanks Oskar, and sorry for long delay.

While I'm writing about the site, some stats:

  • number of plans added so far: 260,461
  • daily average of new plans: 271 (in the last 30 days)
  • number of registered users: 338
  • number of plans added by registered users: 3844
  • current estimate on when we'll hit 300,000 plans: 2016-07-03
  • current estimate on when we'll hit 1 million plans: 2023-07-29