Changes in

This time the changes do not modify how the website works. But they make it simpler to deploy clone of on your own server.

Thanks to Petr A. Korobeinikov I got full automation for setting test/development/internal clones of the site. What was done previously manually, now can be done very fast using Vagrant or Puppet.

Great stuff, thanks Petr.

While I'm writing about the site, some stats.

  • total number of explains added to database: 170102
  • plans added in 2014 – 62155 (daily average: 170!)
  • plans deleted in 2014 – 11902 (~20% of plans gets deleted)
  • registered users: 191
  • plans added by registered users: 1998
  • all (3744) two-character plan identifiers are taken
  • ~ 50% of all three-character identifiers are taken
  • ~ 0.3% of all four-character identifiers are taken
  • there are 97 5-character identifiers taken, out of 916 millions. 29 of them are visible in /history – rest is private or deleted.
  • around 5000 page views per day, excluding bots
  • got 6 donations, total 0.19166599 BTC