OmniPITR – important update

Couple of important points:

  • Fixed omnipitr-backup-slave on Pg 9.0
  • Added tests system which lets me check if the omnipitr actually work after I change stuff
  • Finally added version information.

The fix is important – in some cases, making backups off slave on 9.0 will not work.

By not work I mean that backups would be still done, but Pg wouldn't start from it. If started as slave, it would work OK, but you wouldn't be able to promote it to standalone.

New version of OmniPITR fixes that, as long as you're using -cm switch (and possibly some others like -h, -P, -U or -d – details in docs.

Version information is actually not really simple to get, it requires:

perl -I/opt/omnipitr/lib -le 'use OmniPITR::Program; print $OmniPITR::Program::VERSION'

But it works. It will be changed to normal –version option in near future.

Also, as you can perhaps see, we migrated to github.