Waiting for 9.1 – INVALID FOREIGN KEYS

On 8th of February, Simon Riggs committed patch:

Extend ALTER TABLE to allow Foreign Keys to be added without initial validation.
FK constraints that are marked NOT VALID may later be VALIDATED, which uses an
ShareUpdateExclusiveLock on constraint table and RowShareLock on referenced
table. Significantly reduces lock strength and duration when adding FKs.
New state visible from psql.
Simon Riggs, with reviews from Marko Tiikkaja and Robert Haas

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Waiting for 9.1 – Faster LIKE/ILIKE

On 1st of February, Tom Lane committed patch:

Support LIKE and ILIKE index searches via contrib/pg_trgm indexes.
Unlike Btree-based LIKE optimization, this works for non-left-anchored
search patterns.  The effectiveness of the search depends on how many
trigrams can be extracted from the pattern.  (The worst case, with no      
trigrams, degrades to a full-table scan, so this isn't a panacea.  But   
it can be very useful.)                                                 
Alexander Korotkov, reviewed by Jan Urbanski

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Waiting for 9.1 – Add UNIQUE/PRIMARY KEY with index

On 25th of January, Tom Lane committed patch:

This feature allows a unique or pkey constraint to be created using an
already-existing unique index.  While the constraint isn't very
functionally different from the bare index, it's nice to be able to do that
for documentation purposes.  The main advantage over just issuing a plain
ALTER TABLE ADD UNIQUE/PRIMARY KEY is that the index can be created with
CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY, so that there is not a long interval where the
table is locked against updates.
On the way, refactor some of the code in DefineIndex() and index_create()
so that we don't have to pass through those functions in order to create
the index constraint's catalog entries.  Also, in parse_utilcmd.c, pass
around the ParseState pointer in struct CreateStmtContext to save on
notation, and add error location pointers to some error reports that didn't
have one before.
Gurjeet Singh, reviewed by Steve Singer and Tom Lane

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OmniPITR – update

As of yesterday OmniPITR got following changes/fixes:

  1. Fixed bug which caused immediate finish request be treated the same as smart finish request.
  2. Fixed problem with using omnipitr-backup-slave on PostgreSQL 9.0 slave, which is using streaming replication.
  3. Added option to omnipitr-restore, so that you can now use it for streaming-replication slaves

I'm very ashamed of the first thing (smart/immediate finish request), as it was simply my lack of test.

Second thing – the problem was that with streaming replication slave behaves a bit differently than normally, and so the backup procedure had to be modified.

As for third – restore command in streaming replication environment has to behave differently than normal restore command – i.e. it should finish, with error, as soon as it will be called for wal file that does not exist in wal archive. Which is direct opposite of what should be done normally.

Now, omnipitr-restore got switch (-sr) to make it work correctly in SR situation.

Links for svn/docs are listed on project page.