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Did it help? If yes - maybe you can help me?

OmniPITR project that I wrote about some time ago is going on.

Just today I finished tests for omnipitr-backup-slave – part of OmniPITR which lets you make hot-backups of WAL-slave machine – without any additional load on master.

As previously – please download (svn co) and test. In case you have problems – please mail me or contact me on irc.freenode.net – I'm usually on #postgresql.

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  2. # Valentine Gogichashvili
    Aug 6, 2010


    I have gotten an issue with the hot-slave backup when using your approach of slave backup.


    Do you have any comments on the issue? I suppose, that this issue is also related to omnipitr-backup-slave, as I basically copied the behavior from it, when making a grandchild database.

    With my best regards,

    — Valentine

  3. Aug 6, 2010


    not sure what could have go wrong – please check source of omnipitr-backup-slave – perhaps you will notice some step that it takes, and you do not. Sorry I’m not more helpful, but I just don’t know what could have not worked there.

  4. # Valentine Gogichashvili
    Aug 6, 2010

    Hm… actually I was looking in your script to build the backup procedure and practically copied the wait for checkout location procedure in bash.

    Did you have a chance to check the consistency of the database, restored from the backup done by omnipitr-backup-slave? We found the problem with indexes by accident actually when some of the records could not have been found in some table…

    — Valentine

  5. Aug 6, 2010


    of course.

    we made a lot of slave backups, and we test them a lot. this included 400GB database, with really heavy traffic.

  6. # Valentine Gogichashvili
    Aug 8, 2010

    Hi again, I hope I am not bothering you too much 🙂

    can that be, that all that databases are getting full_page written WAL files? Our main database is configured with full_page_writes set to off. Maybe that is the difference that leads to the problems with indexes?

  7. Aug 8, 2010


    Of course we use full page writes. Turning it off is dangerous, and can lead to data loss.

  8. # Valentine Gogichashvili
    Aug 8, 2010

    Probably that is our problem…

    The issue with the full_page written WAL files for us was that on the normal operation, we have such a big full_page written WAL stream, that the standby database was not able to replay them on the machine with identical parameters 🙁 And I could not find the way to speed up replay or to reduce the WAL files steam other then turning full_page_write to off… 🙁

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