Archiwizowane August, 2008

If you ever encountered "idle in transaction" connections, you most likely hate them. I know, I personally hate them. They interfere with most of "cool toys" like replication, vacuum, DDL queries. So, when I saw them on a database I was ...

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Friend of mine found something that he thought looked like a bug in Pg. Very simple query: select * from table where id not in (select field from other_table) was not returning any rows, despite the fact that there definitely are some "ids" ...

On 29th of July, Tom Lane committed patch written by David E. Wheeler, which added new contrib module: citext.

During last month or so, Tom Lane commited changes in PostgreSQL, which were foundations for adding hash-based versions of popular features. I already described first such feature - DISTINCT. Now, there were 3 more commits which were related to this:

Cezio wrote post about removing elements from arrays in PostgreSQL. Unfortunately his blog engine requires registration before comment, which I don't like, so I decided to comment using my own blogspace.

Today Tom Lane committed patch which gives DISTINCT ability to use hash aggregate - just like GROUP BY.

Pavel Stehule wrote, and Tom Lane committed patch which ads new syntax for set-returning functions: "RETURNS TABLE".

Having new VARIADIC functions, I decided it would be cool to be able to write sprintf() function. Basically the idea is simple, plperl function, which takes "format", and list of arguments and returns generated output.