Waiting for 9.1 – format()

On 21st of November Robert Haas committed new patch, which adds new function:

Add new SQL function, format(text).

Currently, three conversion format specifiers are supported: %s for a
string, %L for an SQL literal, and %I for an SQL identifier.  The latter
two are deliberately designed not to overlap with what sprintf() already
supports, in case we want to add more of sprintf()'s functionality here
Patch by Pavel Stehule, heavily revised by me.  Reviewed by Jeff Janes
and, in earlier versions, by Itagaki Takahiro and Tom Lane.

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Writing sprintf, and overcoming limitations in pl/perl

Having new VARIADIC functions, I decided it would be cool to be able to write sprintf() function.

Basically the idea is simple, plperl function, which takes “format", and list of arguments and returns generated output.

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