Archiwizowane February, 2008

last time i finished with working smtp system, with accounts, aliases and quota. now, let's add ability to get th e mails for client (imap/pop3) and some smtp-auth.

at the end of previous part of this text, we got our system working, and accepting emails for local accounts. plus i promised to add quota now :) so, let's do it.

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i will try to follow development of 8.4, and write examples of what's possible with it, based on current HEAD code. of course there is no guarantee that it will work in final, released 8.4 (it is a bit too early ...

at the end of last part of this text, i finished having ready postgresql and exim (pop/imap installed but not configured), with exim being able to ask postgresql whether given domain is local. now, let the saga continue.

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i have this program, which forks-off worker processes, and then runs in them various tasks. one of the tasks is to execute some command via system(), but since we need to get stdout and stderr (separately), we used ipc::run module. simple example ...

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due to requests (in "real life", not on blog), i put my .vimrc in svn, to be easily accessible. svn repo at:

in first part of this text i described how i installed base ubuntu system in chroot, and then got exim, courier and postgresql in there. now to some configuration.

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Changes: let analyzer analyze logs from java/hibernate access (executes of prepared (anonymous) plans) ignore "detail:" lines SVN repo at:

for quite some time i wanted to write about my experiences with combining smtp server with sql server. this subject for some people might be too boring, for others - it might be seen as a simple howto. but in my ...

(pgdba@[local]:5830) 21:45:26 [pgdba] # select version(); ...