previously, we talked about procmail filters in exim+sql system. today we will add some nifty aliases capabilities.

last time, i showed how to add automatical filtering of mails. and i told you that i will show another way.

in previous part of this howto we setup autoresponder/vacation system. additionally i promised to show how to filter user mails.

in last part of this howto we did setup pop3/imap client access. together with things set in all previous parts it makes a fully working mail system. but, there are still things that might be added/modified. one of these is vacation support ...

February 27th, 2008 by depesz | Tags: , , | Comments Off on smtp + sql = more than it seems so (part 5)

last time i finished with working smtp system, with accounts, aliases and quota. now, let's add ability to get th e mails for client (imap/pop3) and some smtp-auth.

at the end of previous part of this text, we got our system working, and accepting emails for local accounts. plus i promised to add quota now :) so, let's do it.

at the end of last part of this text, i finished having ready postgresql and exim (pop/imap installed but not configured), with exim being able to ask postgresql whether given domain is local. now, let the saga continue.

in first part of this text i described how i installed base ubuntu system in chroot, and then got exim, courier and postgresql in there. now to some configuration.

for quite some time i wanted to write about my experiences with combining smtp server with sql server. this subject for some people might be too boring, for others - it might be seen as a simple howto. but in my ...